Buying A Harmonica

Not sure if your model and brand of harmonica is suitable for learning to play on?

There are many different types of harmonica, the main ones are Bass Harmonica, Tremolo Harmonica, Chromatic Harmonica and Diatonic Harmonica. The harmonica we are going to be learning on is the Diatonic Harmonica in the key of "C", other keys of diatonic's will work when learning to play, but most of the theory and explanations are based on a standard key of "C" diatonic harmonica.

There are many different makes of diatonic harmonica which vary in price. A good all-round diatonic harmonica in the mid price range is the "Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica", in the key of "C", pictured below.

Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica

These are made with high quality plastic comb, which have less air leak thus making it easier to play single notes and to bend notes.

I would strongly suggest buying more than one harmonica when starting out. Every harmonica is different, you can buy two harmonicas, the same make, in the same key, and they will play totaly different. Its all due to how air tight the harmonica is. Plus when you start to learn to bend notes, you will need to try different harmonicas in different keys untill you find what works best for you.

If you already have a harmonica, but are unsure of what it is, then a good place to start is by contacting Harmonicas Direct at The UK's premier harmonica retailer! They send harmonicas all over the world -- from Baltimore to Barnsley, from Paris to Preston, from Scunthorpe to Singapore, Rotherham to Rio De Janiero and Halifax to Hong Kong.

Harmonica Lessons Featured Song
Juke - Members Only
by Little Walter
Today we’re going to learn "Juke" by Little Walter, probably his best known song, which he used to play as the opening theme song when he played in the Muddy Waters Band. - Complete lesson with MP3s

Your Questiuons Answered
Can I tune up my Harmonica?
The simple answer is yes. If your Harmonica goes out of tune slightly you can re-tune it using a small screw driver, a set of feeler gauges and a metal nail file. Read how to do it in the Maintenance & Tuning section.

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