Example 1 is a harmonica duet called "Steamed up" and was written and performed by Kevin Wells and David Wright, whilst playing in a band called "Built For Comfort" in 1996.

Steamed Up

Example 2 is of a harmonica played through a guitar amplifier using a Green Bullet microphone and played over a modern dance song. This was played by Kevin Wells.

Dance Harp

Example 3 is a harmonica trio called "Bonus Track" and was written and performed by Kevin Wells, Peter Wolf and Robin Slater, whilst playing in a band "Just Blues" in 2000.

Bonus Track

This is an example of me improvising.

Improvising Example

Example of a harp played through a microphone and amplifier, distorted.

Distorted Harp Example

More to follow........

Harmonica Lessons Featured Song
Juke - Members Only
by Little Walter
Today we’re going to learn "Juke" by Little Walter, probably his best known song, which he used to play as the opening theme song when he played in the Muddy Waters Band. - Complete lesson with MP3s

Your Questiuons Answered
Can I tune up my Harmonica?
The simple answer is yes. If your Harmonica goes out of tune slightly you can re-tune it using a small screw driver, a set of feeler gauges and a metal nail file. Read how to do it in the Maintenance & Tuning section.

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