Playing Some Tunes – Melodic Playing

Before starting this chapter you should really be able to play clear rich single notes, but if your not then don’t worry too much, with practice you will improve.
There are basically two main styles of harmonica paying – “Blues Playing” and “Melodic Playing”. Blues playing is covered later on, Melodic playing is basically playing songs and tunes, like “Oh when the saints go marching in”, which is what we are going to try playing now. For those who only want to play blues harmonica don’t skip forward, it is important that you study this page as well. These tunes may seem old fashioned but playing them helps you get used to playing single notes and jumping from one note to another. You’ll see numbers and arrows below which correspond to the tune which we are playing. An arrow pointing up means blow and an arrow pointing down means suck.

So this means blow hole 4  
and this means suck hole 5

We only use 3 holes in the tune "Oh When The Saints Go Marching In", which are holes 4, 5 and 6. OK here it goes, try it nice and slow to start with.

Listen to the example first so you know how it goes





It should sound like this. Many more tunes to follow.

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Your Questiuons Answered
Can I tune up my Harmonica?
The simple answer is yes. If your Harmonica goes out of tune slightly you can re-tune it using a small screw driver, a set of feeler gauges and a metal nail file. Read how to do it in the Maintenance & Tuning section.

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